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Fitness & Exercise

Body By Berle Philosophy


BODY BY BERLE uses a method that has been developed and refined for 30+ years to provide clients with the best and most efficient training.

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Lifting Weights Aids Brain


Lifting weights twice a week benefits the brain.   Studies show that weight training, in improving walking ability, may affect portions of the brain related to movement.    NY TIMES

Slow Burn Fitness for Boomers



We can both stay slim and fit while protecting our joints, tendons and ligaments through a special form of efficient exercise.

Dieting vs Weight Loss

Dieting vs Exercise for Weight Loss -   NY Times  examines 2 studies that address the  irksome quest

NY Times examines 2 studies about why people remain heavy despite working out. 

Strength Training's Surprising Benefits


AARP discusses recent research that shows lifting weights also offers a bevy of other proven health benefits.  Lifting weights can protect your brain, blood sugar and more. 

Never Too Old to Lift Weights


  Research shows that one of the best ways to ward off 'frailty' that often comes with ageing is to build up your muscles and embrace weight training.

Fitness & Exercise Articles

 Please peruse our library of articles - click for more information about:  Strength Training, Exercise Methods - (especially for Baby Boomers) - Nautilus, SuperSlow, HIT, Slow Burn.  

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