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Body By Berle Intermittent Fasting Diet Coach


Program Benefits


  1. Lose Weight 
  2. Reduce Your Clothing Size
  3. Reduce your Percentage of Body Fat
  4. Reduce Inflammation
  5. Build Bone Density and Reduce Joint Pain
  6. Increase Energy & Mental Clarity
  7. Look & Feel Younger
  8. Lose belly fat
  9. Eat the Foods that you Love!
  10. Eat  as Much as You Want!
  11. No Calorie or Macro Counting!


Body By Berle Intermittent Fasting Diet Coach Program

Lori Body By Berle Intermittent Fasting Diet Coach MSW Columbia University 1986


After  decades of fighting morbid obesity Intermittent Fasting Diet Coach  Lori, retired Medical Social Worker( MSW Columbia University 1986) won  the battle! Having all of the odds against her including a family  history of Obesity, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis - hypothyroidism, Insulin  Resistance / Pre-diabetes, Post Menopausal, and Metabolic Syndrome, her  Doctor who specializes in Weight Loss once called her one of his top  five most treatment resistant patients. No weight loss drug, no diet  made the slightest bit of difference for her. That was until she  discovered Intermittent Fasting and took the power to control her weight  and her health into her own hands, and now that same Doctor calls her  one of his top 5 most Successful Weight Loss patients!

Coach  Lori has been where you are, feeling hopeless and powerless to change.  No matter how little she ate, no matter what “miracle weight loss” drug  she took, nothing changed, all her body knew how to do was gain weight.   She wondered if people understood how hard she tried. She wondered if  people thought that she was lazy, and didn’t want to put in the effort.  She wondered if people thought that she secretly binge ate large  quantity of junk food all night.  None of that was true!  The truth is  that decades of being overweight and following various diets and medical  intervention had broken her metabolism! 

Once  she found this entirely natural way of re--balancing and normalizing her  body chemistry through Intermittent Fasting suddenly what had been  impossible was now possible! Her body which for decades only knew how to  gain weight, was now able to lose weight! It wasn’t her fault, and it  isn’t your fault! You were given bad diets and bad advice which actually  caused your body to hold onto fat even stronger! 

Look  at Coach Lori’s Before and After photo. The Before Lori ate 150-300  Calories of miserable dried up diet food multiple times a day, and The  After Lori, who is still actively losing weight feasts upon delicious  whole foods, consuming 2-3 times the calories that the Before Lori did!   You heard that right - Coach Lori loses weight by eating more!

This  is not a quick weight loss plan - you have done that before and you  know what happens - when you can no longer tolerate the restrictions of  the plan, you gain the weight back (and more) even quicker than you lost  it! Instead this is a process by which you will re-balance your body and  develop a healthy relationship with food that will lead to PERMANENT  and SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS, with no diet, no restrictions, eating all  of the foods that you love!

Following  the teachings of Gin Stephens, Author of Delay Don’t Deny: Living an  Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle, and Dr. Jason Fung, Author of The  Obesity Code, Coach Lori will teach you the basics of Intermittent  Fasting, and will design a personalized fasting schedule for you that  fits your individual lifestyle and needs. 

Through  email and text she will be with you daily as often as needed to answer  all of your questions and provide support and guidance in your weight  loss journey.  Call Body Berle today to join our Intermittent Fasting Diet Coach Program and your only regret will be “Why didn’t I find about this sooner” - we can change your life!                

* Our Intermittent Fasting Diet Coach Program is available Nationwide, $200 monthly for daily unlimited Email and Text Coaching.          (718) 264-8787

The Program

$200 per month -Payable by check or credit card - Call Berle at 

 (718) 264-8787 to sign up.

1.     After being set up with an intermittent fasting schedule suitable for  their lifestyle - the client will keep a daily log of when their fast  began and ended and what they ate and drank in their eating window   (various apps may be used).  The client will also report upon how they  felt about the experience and will note any problems or difficulties  that they are having with following the program, and will email all of  this information daily to lori@bodybyberle.com.    Coach Lori will review the client's report and will provide feedback  and guidance on your weight loss journey by return email. 
2.     Client will be provided with a phone number to TEXT Coach Lori, and may  contact her either by text or email with any questions or concerns as  they come up, as often as necessary. 

3.  The advice given by Coach Lori does not constitute medical advice.  We  strongly recommend that you consult with your Doctor before embarking  upon our Intermittent Fasting Diet Program , and that while on the program you visit your doctor regularly for check-ups and blood work. 

4. Non-compliance:
•     If a client does not comply with the conditions described above, you  can be dropped from the program at the discretion of Body By Berle, Inc.
•    No Refunds or Partial Refunds will be issued as a result of non-compliance.   in what you have to say so they can’t wait to learn and read more. Pull out the most interesting detail that appears on the page and write it here.